3 in 1 Chemicals

Metrit offers largest range of 3 in 1 chemicals (Simultaneous cleaning, pickling & phosphating coating). Whenever seven stage phosphate coating is not feasible, these chemicals can be effectively used for single/three stage for phosphate coating of components.

These processes give coating of iron phosphate of weight 40 to 100 mgm.sq.ft. Due to low coating weight corrosion resistance is low & painting must be carried out immediately.  Immersion application is always preferred then brushing application for better & faster results

Advantage of 3 in 1 chemicals are Easy handling, less space requirement, No power requirement and lower cost treatment.

Metrit 3 in 1 Chemicals ( Iron Phosphate Complies IS 3618 Class D )

Product Recommended use Use Parameters
MCL – 3 For medium grease and medium rust, mainly for control panels, fluorescent fitting etc. Immersion or Brush 25% to 50% V/V Cold
Metrite 123/123 SP For heavy grease and light rust;  Mainly for steel furniture slotted angles, drums, buckets, etc Immersion or Brush 25% to 50% V/V Cold
Metrite MCL 6 For more rust &light grease; mainly for Cast iron or forged components, treatment before powder steroids buy coating Immersion or Brush
Metrite 443 SP For Phosphating cum passivation of material.