Brass /Copper / Galvanized Iron Coating


PC-B  is a speciality chemical used for cleaning and brightening of brass and copper  parts. It gives micro etching to base metal with cleaning and prepares surface to receive paints, powders or any other organic coating at room temperature.

Galva Grip

 Metrite-GG –   Metrite GG is a chemical for pretreatment of hot dip galvanized sheets, Zinc coated steels & zinc die casting before liquid painting or powder coating

It produces light grey colour phosphate conversion coating of nickel and zinc in 2-3 minutes at room temperature which gives excellent bonding for paints, powders or any other organic coating and its ideal for air conditioner cabinets, computer cabinets, control panels, refrigerators made from GI sheets.

Metrite GG is used in a four stage process sequence as follows

GI sheet pretreatment before powder coating or painting