Emulsified Degreasers / Descaler

Metrite Emulsified degreaser is a phosphoric acid based water soluble emulsified, room temperature degreaser.

It contains surfactants and solvents designed to remove soil, heavy oils and carbonaceous deposits at ambient temperature. It removes toughest grease deposits and is ideal for replacement of alkaline degreasers used in seven stage phosphating of MS articles. Chemical is widely used for the pretreatment of air conditioner cabinets, control panels, refrigerators etc. And degreasing of articles before electroplating and aluminium Chromatising.

Our emulsified degreasers can also be used in process with our Descalers to remove scale of HRCA material in a very effective manner.

Higher concentration and longer immersion time may be required if contaminants to be removed are very heavy, dry oil film etc.

Scale Remover

We at metrite chemicals are the sole manufacturers of deruster/ descaler which is extremely effective at room temperature. It not only removes scale of HRCA (Hot rolled closed annealed MS sheet) but it also is relatively non foaming.