Metrit paint hybrid powders are based on the combination of Epoxy & Polyester resin binders. These powders are widely used for decorative finish along with functional properties. These coatings have both the properties of epoxy and polyester.

Application Area : These coatings are widely used in indoor products such as refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters, furniture, some automobile parts etc.,

Pretreatment : The articles re to be power coated should be thoroughly pre-treated depending on the substrate and corrosion protection required. The final quality of the powder coated surface  largely depends on the quality of the pretreatment.

General Technical Data : 

  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Excellent flow and finish
  • Excellent colour stability with curing
  • Maintains colour and gloss with moderate effects of warming
  • Excellent technical application properties
  • Limited resistance against chalking from UV exposure
  • Gloss (60 deg) : 25 – 95

Curing Schedule :  180 deg C10 minutes

Colour Schedule : All colours and finish are available to order.

If Epoxy / Polyester hybrid powder coatings had good exterior weathering characteristics, there  would be little need for other generic types of thermosetting powders. However, this is not the case and Epoxy/Polyester Hybrids have been developed for applications where the good appearance qualities of polyester are required and good UV resistance is not essential.

This group of powder coating is best considered as a part of the epoxy  family though the high percentage of polyester resins often incorporated can make classification confusing. These hybrids have comparable impact and bend resistance with epoxy types but are, generally , slightly softer coatings. Solvent and alkali resistance is slightly interior to pure epoxy types.