Pure Epoxy

Metrit Paint Pure Epoxy powders are based on pure epoxy resins cross linked with  hardners. These powder formulated for very high chemical and corrosion resistance.

Application Area : These coatings have very good surface hardness and resistance to wear and tear. These powders are widely used in chemical plant equipments and valves.

Pre-Treatment:  The articles are to be powder coated should be thoroughly pre-treated depending on the substrate and corrosion protection required. The final quality of the powder coated surface is largely depend on the quality of the pretreatment.

General Technical Data :

  • High level of surface hardness and resistance to wear & tear
  • Excellent resistance against chemicals.
  • Excellent adhesion to metal bases
  • Very limited gloss and colour stability from heat or UV exposure

Curing Schedule : 200 deg  C10 minutes

Colour Selection : All colours and finish are available to order

Epoxy powder coatings are used for thick film functional end uses and for thin film decorative uses. In the area of corrosion protection, for example, epoxy powders provide durable coatings with good chemical resistance. For decorative uses, epoxy powders can be formulated to produce attractive coatings of varying gloss and surface texture which still retain the inherent toughness, flexibility, good adhesion and environmental resistance of the epoxy resin family.