PP Tank

The design of polypropylene tanks allows them to not rust, pit scale or corrode and no painting or maintenance is needed

The structure of polypropylene tanks is such that they do not leak or need yearly maintenance. Polypropylene Tanks are 1/8 the weight of steel for easier handling

Installation of polypropylene tanks is quicker because they are light-weight and do not cost as much as lined steel, nickel, steel alloys, or any other high performance materials

Polypropylene tanks permit numerous chemicals to be held because they can hold aqueous solutions of acid, alkalis, salts a large number of organic solvents, and mineral acids including oxidizing acids, such as nitric and sulphuric

The strength of polypropylene tanks is extraordinary due to their ability to endure high chemical permeation and high thermal permeation

Corner Weld

a = spades free online card game thickness of material

The welding work of PP tank is as per German Technology so it gives longer life to the tank

Fillet Weld

a = fillet depth

Film Weld

a = width of weld


a = thickness of material


a = thickness of material