Value System

Since the past 40 years in the business of Pre-Treatment chemicals, we realized the harm they do to the environment, If not treated properly before sending in to the environment. Earlier we used to have MS+FRP Tank, where the FRP come out every 2 to 3 years leading to leakage of the chemicals which would go untreated in to the ground water. Which in turn cause deadly diseases such as cancer when consumed by the people. The MS tank also had to be discarded frequently due to corrosion which increases landfill (non- bio-degradable garbage)

Hence we discovered the PP Tank ( Polypropylene Tank) which when combined with German technology welding gives a life of over 20 years, thereby reducing your land pill. Also the German welding will not give way, hence preventing leakages of pre-treatment chemicals in to the ground water.

 This is our little effort to help the Environment & make it a better place  to live in for our next generation.