Desludging Unit

During the process of phosphating some amount of sludge is formed as the by-product. As the process of phosphating continues a large amount of ions of Iron (Fe) releases into the phosphating bath. This ion make the bath black & gives rough, hard & non-uniform coating .To avoid this we have to reduce the iron content in the bath. This excess iron removes as sludge. Excess sludge in the bath sometimes changes the behaviour of the bath. The sludge which settles down on the surface of the article prevents the coating & it appears as powder on the surface of article. This powder affects the powder coating. To avoid all these, continuous Desludging is necessary for a perfect coating.

We at Metrite provide a manual desludging unit which will remove sludge on a regular basis thereby

  • preventing stoppage of production for desludging.
  • inadequate phosphate coating due to sludge accrual.
  • prevents increase in dip time of baths due to sludge accrual.